[2016] PSiRC – Piazza Venerio

at 21:30 PM

Piazza Venerio

“Acrometria”: acrobatics, impressive hand to hand, Chinese pole and dance
PSiRC, Barcelona

Acrometria is a disturbing and promising encounter. Within minutes the trio takes us to a spectacular, funny, light and deep universe. Acrometria studies the distance between the psyche and the infinite realities. An emotional, metaphorical and abstract triangle where you can play to create new human geometries. It is the
embrace between the physical risk and the ingenuity of the soul, and its geometry of emotions.

PSiRC is the triangle formed by Anna Pascual, Wanja Kahlert and Adrià Montaña. Operating since 2011 with a strong technical basis of circus and manipulation, they explore new acrobatic languages, very intimate and creative.
Award of Circo Zirkolika 2012 for young companies.
Award FAD Sebastià Gasch 2013 for para-theatrical arts.
Award “Aplaudiments” for young creations.

Original idea: PSiRC
Title: Acrometria
Duration: 50 min
Genre: Circus
Audience: all ages; recommended for age 6 or older