[2016] La Burrasca – piazza Libertà

at 16:00 PM
at 19:15 PM (repetition)

Piazza Libertà

“Obstinées”, swinging trapeze and live music
La Burrasca, France

A turbulent and shaky entrance facing 500 kg of metal in balance. OBSTINÉES is a performance with a swinging trapeze, unstable balances, portés and live music. A portico in the air, 8 metres high, is the working instrument of this female trio. They try to tame and stabilise a monster made of scrap metal that at first sight appears hostile and dangerous in this scenic design. The acrobats explore the most twisted and absurd hooks, and realise an original performance. Despite the numerous obstacles they are facing during the assembly of their musical and circus structures and acrobatics, the trio persists, it obstinates (OBSTINÉES) and makes use of all available instruments and the repeated support of the spectators.
The love for sharing and the confidence in the others leads them to actually lay their lives into the hands of the audience, who makes all of this possible.

La Burrasca – Viola Grazioli, Alexia Fermaux, Pauline Bourguere
Two circus artists, graduated at the ESAC (Superior School of Circus Arts), and a musician graduated at the School of Jazz in Tours, got together to create a new young company. Their first show «Obstinées» is supported and directed by Yann Ecauvre (Cirque Inxtremiste) and the company Cheptel Aleikoum (within the scope of the support of young companies promoted by DRAC).