[2016] Circo Puntino – Piazza San Giacomo

at 17:00 PM
at 20:00 PM (repetition)

Piazza San Giacomo

“Effect of caffeine”: comical performance, manipulation of objects, wheel gymnastics and hand to hand.
Winning performance of “Cantieri di Strada” 2012.
Circo Puntino, Torino

A toast on a summer evening, well, maybe not only one…! And after a crazy party night you definitely need something to get the day started.
Circo Puntino will make you experience a Sunday morning, one of those mornings that will not really begin without having a good cup of coffee.
And it is exactly this effect of caffeine that is the fuse for the stimulation of the imagination, the incentive for creativity; the start of a journey from reality to a dreamland, from little details to huge impacts.
Flying cups and dancing brooms, jumps and acrobatics, caravans that come alive and a huge swinging cube…everything changes and nothing is like you expected it to be!
A comical and poetic performance that sheds new light on every object. Everything gets transformed and surprises us, like the water that in a mocha turns into coffee, just like magic.

Techniques: wheel gymnastics, acrobatics and balances on a huge swinging cube, manipulation of brooms and stools, handstands, body-percussion and live music with a “broom-guitar”.

Original idea: Compagnia Circo Puntino
Direction: Circo Puntino with the precious help of Bet Garrel and Marcel Escolano of the Compagnia Los Galindos and the support of Joàn Català
Performers: Elisa Zanlari and Andrea Castiglia
Support of scenic composition: Compagnia Los Galindos
Light Designer: Luca Carbone
Scenic design: Benet Goffre and Antigua i Barbuda