The festival was founded by a group of circus artists (Circo all’inCirca) and visual artists (Zeroidee) in collaboration with the culture department of the municipality of Udine. The organizers aim to propose a vision of art and public space that believes in their mutual and innovative influence. The chosen language is the language of the contemporary circus, which by nature is nomadic and manifold. Due to these characteristics it always strikes¬†new paths, combining various disciplines like dance, theater, music and visual arts.

Terminal is a point of departure and encounter for the citizens and the artists. Both will be taken on a journey through the city, and discover its hidden spots, the places where usually no one takes a pause, the alleys of transition, silent courtyards.

This kind of art involves various disciplines and discovers unknown paths through artistic research. It explores places which offer the possibility of artistic expression. International artists are invited to Udine to interact with the city and its inhabitants, who will experience the fascination and the amazement of the contemporary circus and the visual and performing arts..

This project is financed by the Municipality of Udine and the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia